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"Cecilia Flaten"Cecilia was born in La Reina (Santiago, Chile) in 1950, a key day that makes the beginning of transcendental changes in our country... the 4th of September. In the same way her passage though the world has been subject to changes and diverse variants of cyclical character, all of them linked to the most sublime manifestation of her spirit:
The Art.

At the age of two she begins to recreate in her own flesh the history of her mother, who was prima donna in the National Ballet of Santiago. Since she is four until she is twenty-seven years old, the dance comes to be in the core of her life and simultaneously she maintains sporadic romances with Painting, Theater and Literature.

Delighted with the stages, she explores all of their dimensions, starting from the back-stage, all through to the border-stage, arriving to direct plays in her school and being a moving body of expression within ICTUS company of actors.

Her artistic and humanist vein grows day by day, in contrast to the mathematics, forced hours of class she takes advantage to the maximum to explore the world of the painting. By that time she already was distinguished for being teacher of her classmates, condition that endured, arriving to be professor of many children and teenagers. Cecilia urges them to fight for their autonomy of criterion and expression, using creativity as the main weapon.

Within her evolution in the dance, she begins to notice its ephemeral character, and, deeply affected by the death of her paradigm and cult leader, Nureyev, she decides that the hour has arrived to untie herself from the world of the dance, at least partially. Closing this cycle, her spirit persists in the search of a more tangible art and retakes her flirt with the painting, coming it to be at the present day her great love. At the beginning of this engagement, things happened in a rather playful and innocent way, all which is completely demonstrated in her Naďf works, in which she experiences with techniques and colors that allude directly to her Scandinavian ancestors.

Entering into a more mature stage, she works the oil, instance that provides her the stability and the so much yearned pattern of expression, which allows her to be able to represent properly the legends, the myths and the dreams that nest in her mind and her blood.

Prize internazionale D'Arte "Vicent Van Gogh", Italy 2012 Prize speciale Diritti Umani 2011, Generale "Giuseppe Garibaldi" Italy 2012 Bust image Vincent Van Gogh, premio especial, Italy 2012.
Maestro Di Arte Visive, honorary members 2012, given by Assocazione Culturale "Italia in arte", Italy 2012

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